Jaeger-LeCoultre wrist watch

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Ever since the Swiss watch makers Antoni Patek and Adrien Phillippe joined to create the first wrist-watch in 1868 the world has enjoyed the beauty and superb functionality of Swiss watches. In our humble opinion the best Swiss watches are an art form with intricately designed movements and precision designed components.

The Best Swiss Watches Originally Marketed for Women

It is interesting to note that wristwatches were initially popular as women’s timepieces in fact men were often quoted as saying they would “sooner wear a skirt as wear a wristwatch”. That mentality started to change during World War I when pocket watches became too difficult and impractical for soldiers to use.

Louis Cartier Began Making Fine Swiss Watches for Men

The advent of luxury Swiss watches for men actually began in 1904 when Louis Cartier developed the first men’s wristwatch prototype (named the Santos) for Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont. After World War I demand for wrist watches for men exploded and by 1930 wristwatches outnumbered pocket watches 30 to 1.

To this day some of the best Swiss watches are designed by legendary watch makers Patek Phillipe and Cartier who introduced the world to the wonders of the wrist watch. But many luxury Swiss watch makers have joined the fold including Omega, Rolex, IWC, Eterna, and Technocrat to name but a few.

We here at Best Swiss Watches love the wonderful designs these Swiss watch artisans have developed over the years and we look forward to years and years of new watch designs to capture our delight and wonder. We feature some of the best Swiss watches on the market, new and old for your buying pleasure. Stop by often to see the latest sales we have uncovered on the finest Swiss watches for sale in the world. Enjoy!